My Rosacea is Under Control

When people used to look at me, they would probably only take in my red face and not much more. I never let this upset me, because I have caught myself staring at people in the past who look different. It is just a natural thing to do, and as long as people were respectful about it, I never let it bother me much. That didn’t mean I didn’t want to find out the root cause of my red face, which is how I found myself at the website of a local dermatologist.

I was diagnosed with rosacea fairly quickly, which is exactly what I had thought it was too because I had been looking for information about this for a while. I just did not know what to do about it. The redness was not too bad at times. At other times though, it was just awful. I would have a red nose, red cheeks, a red chin, and a red strip between my nose and mouth. It rarely went as far as my forehead, and I felt blessed to not have it on my back and chest. I had seen pictures where people had that, and it looked really bad.

I was glad to have an answer, but it was just a partial answer. Doctors have no idea why people get this condition, but thankfully they have treatments that can make it much more bearable. I tried a medication first, but it did not really change that much. I was told to always wear sunscreen, and I also was told about light treatments. I really liked the idea of the dermabrasion that was suggested, since that would be able to remove some of the thicker skin. I went ahead with that along with light therapy, and my rosacea is well under control now!